2 weeks!


It’s been 2 weeks since we signed on the dotted line twenty million times and got the keys to our new home!  And we’ve made some special memories in those two weeks, such as…

sleeping in new house

  • camping out the first night in front of the fire place in an empty house
  • riding bikes (every day since we got here… and I can’t believe how much better they are at riding bikes now… I have 3 proficient 2 wheelers now!)
  • throwing clothes down the laundry shoot (the girls particularly LOVE this—one will stand in the basement where it comes out and the other throws it down from upstairs then they race to meet each other in the middle after it went down and giggle with glee—still hasn’t gotten old yet)
  • shooting the BB gun in the back yard
  • breaking in Daddy’s new hammock on Fathers Day
  • camping out in Mom and Dad’s closet
  • playing lots of choo choo

bb gun

We still have work to finish up before our renter moves in to the old house.  And we have yet to hang anything on the walls in the new house… AND have quite a few boxes left to be unpacked in the garage…but it truly feels like home and every day I find myself smiling and giving thanks for the blessing of our home. 



  1. I am SO, SO happy for you. SO happy. I love how God is blessing your family. :)

  2. I am so happy for you guys whenever I picture you in your new place. Actually, the picture always has the kids outside playing. It's such a perfect house for you!!!


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