Hmmm… Notice Something Missing Here?


As my 4 yr old sat coloring in the waiting room this afternoon the mom beside me commented on her neat job of staying in the lines. 

Then we both did a double take and looked over at each other. 


Don’t mind the fact that the dress is green and should “really” be yellow… I love the fact that my girl goes against the flow and colors it how she wants… sure give Belle purple hair and a green dress.  Why not?

But, what is up with that neck line?  Seems a bit low cut don’t ya think?  I am hoping that somehow the coloring book missed a line or something.  But it sure looks to me like she was coloring it in correctly…

Never expected that from Belle… Ariel maybe, but Belle… with her nose stuck in a book… ya gotta watch those good girls I suppose!


  1. As a good girl myself, I heartily agree. Gotta watch 'em! And this is the funniest thing ever. I have to ask, was it a "discount" coloring book?

  2. Oh my stars and garters!! I think the artist drawing that picture must be the same person setting up my fantasy football team lately...a real screw up!! Yikes! Love the "Ariel maybe..." line. I always call Ariel, Jasmine, and one other I can't think of at the moment the "Questionable Princesses."

  3. Kathy, it wasn't a discount book... but that comment made me LOL... actually, it was one of those "color wonder books" but she didn't like the color choices in the markers so she chose to color it in with crayons!

  4. I love it! Give that cutie pie a kiss from me for being willing to do her own thing in her own style! By the way, definitely gotta watch the bust lines, etc, on a lot of these popular cartoons. I sometimes don't think it's coincidence.

  5. Hee hee :) That is really great coloring though. Is great coloring a "girl thing?" Well, maybe not, because that is better than my coloring!

  6. Ha! Well, I only asked b/c once my mom gave Morgan the cutest book for Christmas and almost immediately I saw a spelling error on the dust jacket. Upon further investigation, we discovered it was from Ollie's. :)

  7. OH MY! Glad I only have boys right about now. That's funny!


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