Life With 2


Now that my oldest 2 are at their tutorial two days a week, I find myself with just 2 children at home on those mornings.   It is a truly odd feeling and a dynamic I am not yet used to.  Though I am sure it is nothing compared to the strangeness I’ll feel next year when I am left with only my lil man two days a week. 

I am hoping to use this time to

1.  take care of errands

2. stay on top of housework/laundry

3.  enjoy some quality time with my youngest two

I was thrilled when I learned our library will be hosting story time a few times a month on the same mornings as our tutorial.  When I told my 4 yr old that we’d be going to story time this week she responded, “Story time, what’s story time?”   meanwhile simultaneously, my oldest child said, “Awh, story time… I remember story time… I loved story time!”

And there ya have it folks…evidence that you truly don’t parent the same way each time around. 

I remember with my oldest and even when his little sister came around, we went to story time… all the time… we were regulars…even hitting up more than one library.   Then number 3 came along and we went for a bit.. as I sat nursing her in the back row, trying to keep my toddler sitting quiet and encouraging my 3 and 1/2  yr old to go ahead and sit up front without Mommy… you can easily see with that beautiful picture how story time slowly became a think of the past… that and the fact that for awhile I banished myself from the library as a way of keeping my overdue fines in check.  Topped off with the fact that I couldn’t really go to story time on days we were schooling at home, b/c we had school work to do.. and then number 4 came along and he needed a nap in the morning, plus the girls played so nicely together when there brother was gone, why not take advantage of that time to catch up at home….yada, yada, yada… you end up with a 4 yr old who doesn’t even know what story time is.


I am happy to report that story time was a huge success this morning and we plan to return next month for more stories, songs, and crafts!



  1. Awesome! I can totally relate. And I may just join you next month. I am trying to figure out the best use of my time while Annalia is at Coop. And I don't think Naomi has ever been to story time.

  2. IKWYM!!!!! Once my cheetah goes to preschool, the Biscuit and I will do storytimes and all the other cool stuff my first born took for granted! Great post.

  3. I can totally relate too! I banned story time after attempting it when #2 was born- a screaming baby and a 2 year old boy do not fare well at story time!

  4. Love the moral here that parenting changes as your family size changes! And great idea on how to keep those overdue library fines in check! ;-) I love how you make me laugh out loud!

  5. Definitely a plus for child #3 - she is really in to her craft time. Story time much easier back to two LOL


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