My Not So Green Thumb

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I don't have a green thumb. I want to, but truth be told, I lack the follow through. On Wednesday my husband and I went to a dinner for his work and they had potted flowers on all of the tables. Afterwards we each got to take one home. As we drove home with it in the car, my husband said to me, "So, how long before you kill it?" I replied with a "ugh" and a look that said how dare you say that.... the next morning when I came out to the table, this is how it looked. "It's not my fault!" I exclaimed. I didn't even have a chance to not water it. It died prematurely. I didn't do anything. So, we propped it up with a pencil and I gave it a little drink of water. Next day, it still looked the same. Finally I moved it outside b/c the scent was giving me a headache. My husband thought the sunlight might be good for it. He tried again to prop it up with a stick. Today we looked out on the deck and as you can see it hasn't gotten any better. Spring is here and my son is so excited about planting flowers and vegetables outside. I am bit concerned because as you can see my thumb is not so green. I fear I could end up disappointing him with this. We'll see... I am sure I will have future posts on this matter. Wish me luck!

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  1. haha! one of the first things i bought for my new office when i got my job was a plant. it was dead (seriously dead!) in 2 weeks. now that i have a window (i know, i know) it's getting it's life back. is it sad when a large department store is more nurturing than me?


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