Catechism 714

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Our good friend Bob posted this on his blog and I wanted to link to it in my Weekend Thought. Since his blog is for invited readers only, he gave me permission to post it on my blog and link to it that way. I was struck by the beauty of his poem.

Catechism 714

Of all things
she wanted to know
the colors of heaven

Not the sky
clouds or stars
but fit for a King

Daddy, what will we wear?
What color clothes?

blood-bought brilliance

Daddy, why blood?
Doesn't blood stain?

Not the blood of God
God's blood cleans

How does His blood clean?

It redeems
It forgives
brings peace
wakes our conscience

How does His blood brighten?

God is light
in Him there's no darkness
So if we walk in the light
as He is in the light
we'll all have peace
and the blood of Jesus cleanses
us from all sin

We must be very dirty
with sin,
right Daddy?

God hates sin
If we say we have no sin
we are liars
and the truth is not in us
But if we tell God our sins
He won't hate us
He is faithful
and just
and will forgive us
and cleanse us
with Jesus' blood
for without
the shedding of blood
there is no forgiveness
of sins

Daddy, how many times
does Jesus shed blood?

Once for all
at the end of the ages
to bear the sins of many
to put away sin

Isn't that a lot of laundry, Daddy?!

Yes, but after He bled
He sat down
at the right hand of God

Is He resting now...
like when Mommy finishes laundry?

He's waiting for His enemies
to be made a
footstool for His feet

What does He do while He waits?

He's in heaven
with God the Father
praying for us

Jesus is praying for me?

So trust Him!
Don't be scared!
Be brave!
Be honest!
Be bold!
He is faithful
We're not enemies
who shrink back
to be destroyed
we have faith
in Him
and preserve our souls

Daddy, I think in heaven
we will wear white!

(Heb 9,10; 1 John 1; Rev 7)


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