Ring Leader

[Daniel+prays.jpg]No circus would be complete without a ring leader providing direction. Imagine if there was no one to tell the clowns when it was time for their act. If each member of the cast was left to fend for himself everyone would be vying for the same spot on stage and the shows value would be completely lost. Where are they to focus their attention? Who is in charge? What’s up next? Instead of enjoying one choreographed show after another, we’d be witness to complete bedlam.
Life without the Lord God as my ringleader would be very similar. Where would I turn when my baby is in the hospital with the roto virus and my husband is out of town and totally unreachable? Who would I cling to as I watch the doctors try a sixth time to get an IV in her tiny little veins? How would I find the patience to discipline in love, not anger when my oldest two are fighting AGAIN over whose turn it is to play with Lighting McQueen? Where would I find my hope, my sense of purpose, my reason for living? I can enjoy this circus of a life I am living because I know that my life has a purpose in the eyes of God Almighty.
God is the one responsible for all that we are and have. Try as I might to lead a good life, I am without hope. I snap at my husband. I lose patience with my kids. I don’t follow through on my good intentions. I am selfish. Even though I have never cheated on my husband or murdered someone, I cannot live a good enough life to merit His good pleasure. I am a sinner. God is a holy and just God who cannot let such sin go unpunished. I am so thankful the sent His son, Jesus Christ, to Earth to live a perfect life and, through his death on the cross, take the consequences I so justly deserve. Now, in His perfect justice, He can accept me with open arms.
My actions will always fall short of his standard but, because I have accepted Christ as my Lord, He is with me, as my ring leader, to set the direction I so desperately require. It is because of his work in me that I am able to do any good. He is developing in me a desire to live life in a manner that brings glory to God. It is my heart’s desire that each of our children will also know Christ as their Saviour, love the Lord with all of their heart and strive to bring Him glory all the days of their lives.


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