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Crystal, Author of LifeAtTheCircus.comA circus is a chaotic event with a ton of things fighting for your attention. Your watching a trapeze artist in the center ring when BOOM! A crazy fool shot himself out of a cannon in the ring to your left. Having gotten your attention you start watching the clowns in that left-hand ring only to find out that you totally missed another man actually stick his head into the mouth of a lion in the right-hand ring.... My roles as wife, homemaker and mother of 4 feel much like that circus with each ring constantly vying for my attention. Life is often chaotic and many aspects (like folding laundry ) simply don't get the attention they deserve. But, like any good circus, I'm loving every minute and wouldn't want it any other way. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show. I won't let you miss a thing.

In Ring #1 - My Role as Wife

Me and my husband at college graduation (two weeks before being married)I start with my role as wife because aside from my relationship with our Lord , it is the most important relationship in my life. With four small kids vying for my attention and mounds of laundry and dishes piling up to be taken care of, it's all to easy to take him for granted. I am incredibly blessed to be married to my high school sweetheart and best friend. We dated for 4.5 years before we were married almost 10 years ago (after graduating from college together). I can honestly say that the highlight of my day is when his car pulls into the driveway (and not because it means I will have extra help with the kids). He adds a level of fun and enthusiasm to the house that brightens all of our lives . Each day before he leaves for work, when we pray as a family, my husband prays that God would enable each of us to bring Him glory in all we do that day. That truly is the goal of our marriage. While we often fail, our gracious Lord is patient and forgiving.

In Ring #2 - My Calling as a Mother

When I am navigating my way through the grocery store with my 4 kids... the baby sitting in the seat on top of the grocery cart, my toddler in the basket sitting on the bread, and my preschooler standing on the end of the cart pointing out all the things he insists are on "his grocery list", people often look at me and say, "My, you've got your hands full ." Often I literally do . Life with four kids in 6 years is busy to say the least . Someone always wants me for something, and often everyone wants me at once. BUT, I can honestly say I love every minute of it . I love my kids ! I love being their mommy . I love staying home full time with them.
People ask me if I miss teaching (the profession I had before I had my son) and I always respond, "Not a bit!" I am teaching, full time, 4 of the 5 people I love most in this world and there is no place I'd rather be. Sure, it is loud , and my to do list is always greater than my energy level, but I am often reminded that our children grow up in the blink of an eye , and I don't want to miss it.

In Ring #3 - My Profession as a Homemaker

Folding Laundary No Martha Stewart tricks here. Laundry is the bane of my existence . We do wear clean clothes, but most of the time we find our days clothes in the laundry basket. It is a rare week where I get the laundry folded , and put away... we celebrate being washed! I do enjoy cooking though, especially baking (I'd take eating raw cookie dough over folding towels any day). Thanksgiving Turkey I also have a ton of fun throwing birthday parties and making fun birthday cakes. I love holidays and get a kick out of decorating the house, doing crafts, and making themed food to celebrate the occasion. We celebrate St. Patty's Day, Valentine's Day, Flag Day, Cinco de Mayo and I often host big family dinners on Thanksgiving and Christmas. The two most important holidays here are Christmas and Easter and make no mistake, our kids know the reason why those holidays are important.


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